ParadoxWeb has been providing Quality Dedicated Server hosting since 1996. Individual and Professional Webmasters depend on ParadoxWeb's Experience. We guarantee unbeatable Technical Support, Ultra Fast Connectivity and Top of the line Hardware. All servers are Fully Managed to give you piece of mind.

ParadoxWeb's high end Cisco Network is insurance of Reliability, Security and Speed for all web sites. Having the Best doesn't always require paying the most. Each dedicated server we offer includes Generous Bandwidth Allocation at an exceptionally low rate! Your web space is Unrestricted so you can host any type of material on your pages. You also benefit from our 24/7 Free Technical Support on all dedicated servers and virtual accounts.

Why Choose Dedicated Server Hosting?

Scalability - As traffic to your Web site grows, ParadoxWeb can easily upgrade your server to ensure your site's continued availability with optimal performance. We can add hard drives, RAM, processors and software applications to your server to increase its functionality as your website expands.
Security - Security and privacy are major concerns in today's e-business economy. A Dedicated Server, reserved solely for you, gives you peace of mind. Your server is physically independent of other customers' hosting activity.
Easy Startup - When you need a robust hosting solution but don't have the internal resources, Dedicated Server hosting is an ideal choice. Your initial investments in server equipment and technical staff are minimal and you won't have to manage obsolete or depreciating assets.

Our equipment and services include multiple connections to internet backbones including:

For a detailed description please visit our Network Operating Center.

We strongly recommend Sun Solaris Servers.

Solaris Powered by Apache

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Bandwidth Reference Guide

Circuit Name: Capacity Comment
DS0 64kbps Building Block for Fractional T1
T1, DS-1 1.544Mbps North America
E1, DS-1 2.048Mbps Europe, Asia
T2, DS-2 6.312Mbps North America
E2 8.448Mbps Europe
E3 34.368Mbps Europe and Japan
T3 or DS3 44.736Mbps 672 DS0s
OC-1, STS1 51.840Mbps Optical Fiber
Fast Ethernet 100.00 Mbps Wireless Broadband
OC-3, STS3 155.520Mbps Optical Fiber; 3 x 51.840Mbps
OC-3c 155.520Mbps Optical Fiber; "c"= concatenated
OC-12, STS12 622.080Mbps Optical Fiber
Optical Fiber

AT&T Cable & Wireless MCI Worldcom PSINet Qwest Sprint UUNet

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