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Our main specialisation is Web Design and Web Programming, although we are capable of producing all types of computer based solutions to suit the clients needs. A summary of the varying services we offer are as follows:-

Web Design & Programming

We have grouped these two subjects together as they are usually very closely linked. Most web sites we create will contain some elements of both web design and programming.

Web Design is defined as the creation of standard HTML pages and graphics which usually make up the bulk of any web site.

Web Programming is the creation of scripts and programs, and is used to add interactive elements to a web site. Anything where the user has to input some data (e.g. Contact form) will involve some web programming.

Using our advanced skills in these two areas we are able to create web sites to suite any possible function. A summary of the kind of features we can offer are thus:-

  • Use of HTML and Style Sheets for advanced site layout
  • Use of JavaScript to add interactivity to your site
  • Use of Dynamic HTML (DHTML) to create moving objects on web pages
  • Use of CGI/Perl scripts for extra functionality
  • Use of high quality graphics for that professional element
  • Use of Flash animations for extra presentation quality

Don't worry if some of those terms are a bit alien to you - we will explain them in due course if you require them. The purpose of this is to show the vast array of skills we have at our disposal for use on our projects.

Web Hosting

All web sites are hosted on a web server, somewhere in cyberspace. There are a huge number of web hosts to choose from and, if necessary, we can aid you with this decision.

If the client prefers we are willing to host their web site on our own server, for a fee comparable to what you would pay elsewhere. Several conditions apply though, the most notable that we will not allow clients to logon to the server themselves, for security reasons. Presuming that we will be managing all modifications to your web site then this should not be a problem.

Computer Based Solutions

As our company has a solid academic grounding in all computer area's then we are able to offer clients solutions to many programming or other problems they may have. If we feel a solution is beyond our capacity then we will aid you where possible in finding a solution.

A summary of tasks we would be happy to undertake are as follows:-

  • Computer Programming in various languages to accomplish specific tasks
  • Basic Database set-up and maintenance
  • Help in configuring software such as E-Mail programs, etc.
  • Advice on what Hardware/Software you need to accomplish your task

We are willing to discuss any computer related projects, so if you are unsure please contact us!

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